At Evid Science we work hard to deliver a deep and comprehensive set of useful data, and a user interface that makes it simple to find what you need in an efficient manner.

But for the most data-focused and innovative customers, that level of data access simply isn’t enough. These customers are creating their own data repositories (using data lakes or other integration tools), and combining disparate data sources for their own custom analysis.

And it is for this level of customer that Evid Science is proud to announce our latest offering, Evata (Evid Data).

Evata is the data behind Evid Science, for your own integration and analysis. We drop our databases on your doorstep (well, into your data lake, really), and keep them in sync with our own – we can even help you craft custom APIs and analyses to get the most out of the data.

Here is how it works…

Our machine reading runs as usual. As shown in the figure below, we start with text (left side of the figure), and we run our machine-learning pipeline (from left-to-right), turning the written text into records in a database which can be analyzed (the “DATABASE” part of the figure). For a deeper explanation of how our AI works, please see our Evid Science Primer.

The big difference is that at the end of the process, there is a transfer that happens (see figure below) where the data is transferred to a customer, integrated into their workflow, and they perform their own analysis from there (and we can help with API and analysis development, as well, if needed).

Of course, Evata customers continue to get access to the Web-based Evid Science platform and our world-class customer support, if needed.

If you think patient-level outcomes, cost data, and a unique spin on KOL identification are data you could analyze to get deeper value, drop us a line as we would love to hear from you.